About me



If you're reading this then I'd like to think that we are 1. already friends, 2. here for a good time, not necessarily a long time and 3. becoming more and more sure on what impact we want to make in our lifetime.

In a few words, I want to develop a creative space where I can share and discuss things that ignite a fire in my stomach and drive me forward. The world never stops so either you go along for the ride or throw yourself into the chaos. I'm keen to choose the latter- let's get messy.


Back in 2015, I used to blog as a way of organising my life. I used to curate posts about university, music and travel to share with whoever wanted to read them feeling as though I was part of something bigger. As life got more hectic, I fell behind on posting eventually stopping altogether. Nearly five years on, I’m back to blogging but with a whole different perspective of what I want to achieve from this site and more importantly, my life.

Feminism is really important to me. Everyone should be equal. One strand of the feminism that I feel very passionate about is the importance of female empowerment. By letting ladies know that they are the SHIT and can do anything and everything they want to (and when they want to!!), this builds a collective intersectional sisterhood based on an understanding of everyone’s needs and differences. When girls support girls and women support women, we can begin to have conversations with the men in our lives to work together to ensure access to the same opportunities and experiences.

During 2019, I attended a variety of events which focused on female empowerment in order to educate myself on how to tackle inequality, meet like-minded people and also check my own privilege. Every day is a learning day and I'm glad I have friends who also wanted to join me to get their learn on about all things feminist. I now feel rather compelled to write about these experiences and hopefully motivate others to delve a little deeper into why the world sometimes works the way it does (hint! it's to do with the patriarchal structures that have been enforced over many centuries).

Fun fact: I once described myself as a big fat feminist in a Skype interview. I guess I came off too keen/slightly bonkers as I didn't get the job (their loss!!).

This is my space which I want to share with you. I really hope that you enjoy these words and that they might also ignite your own passions and goals, or at least find something of interest.

Love Poppy x

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Disclaimer: Anything I promote in my posts has not been endorsed by the mentioned names or brands, unless signposted from the beginning. I enjoy attending events that are designed to empower women, meet like-minded individuals and learn more on how to navigate and achieve success in this crazy world. I also enjoy writing and sharing my opinion on this small space of the internet. I’ll always let you know if I’ve been paid to share something but at this moment in time, it’s just a personal project of mine. Thank you for understanding.