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This fortnightly post is designed to share + discuss three pieces of art and/or artists that I’ve come across (usually via social media, newsletter recommendations and exhibitions) that I feel are worth putting a spotlight on. I tend to look for inspiration from Instagram and have curated a feed full of diverse and talented artists, models, photographers and potters galore to make mindless scrolling that little bit more empowering and thought-provoking. Thus, I wish to share a glimpse of how my life is decorated by their skill and imagination with the likes of you!

Just for the record I am no art connoisseur however, I can appreciate the beauty of hard work, creativity and spontaneity. I hope you find something that inspires you.

This week's theme is EMBRACING NUDITY, art that reclaims the body and shows it off in all it's glory. Let's take a look, shall we?

Jaz Moodie

Art by Jaz Moodie - More from this artist

Mude Threads

Mude Threads is all about reclaiming female nudity ‘by wearing nakedness on your own terms… one intentional nip slip at a time.’ They create unisex pieces so gals can reclaim their own bodies and anyone else can join in whilst being an ally to women and non-binary people.

They offer personalised commissions which celebrates taking nudes for yourself (and not that person you're currently texting...) whilst preaching about the good that comes from the experience. Once snapped and sent to Jaz, they will be printed or sewn onto totes, t-shirts and cushions. What is so lovely about the artist's mission is her passion to normalise nakedness and talk about the changes your body makes over the years. It's so refreshing to see the commissions of her sister, mother and even her grandmother (post-mastectomy!) that Jaz has done... now that is girl power!

From the get go, Mude Threads has collaborated with plenty of local women based charities giving 10-15% of the profits to vulnerable sex workers in Leeds and Women for Refugee Women. It is another reason to shop local and support independent artists because not only does it fund future projects and creativity but it also gives back to local communities. Furthermore, the artist is very vocal on political and environmental issues reflecting this well in their art. Jaz reached out to her followers and documented the move towards sourcing more sustainable materials to produce their tees and totes. During the UK's sad and strung-out breakup with the EU, Jaz produced quality meme t-shirts like the BREXTITS tee and used her online platform to urge everyone to register to vote.

There is definitely no way she's a prude in any sense of the word.

P.S. Peep my 'The Nice Pair' t-shirt in the header!

Art source
Pot Yer Tits Away Luv

Art by @potyertitsawayluv - More from this artist

Pot Yer Tits Away Luv

This artist makes personalised boob pots ‘to celebrate real bodies and support body neutrality.’ Boobs of all shapes and sizes made into clay-form to brighten up your book case.

I have followed Emma for several years now and it has been great to see how her learning of different body types has influenced her artwork e.g. including mastectomies, sun burns, piercings, moles and skin tags, body hair and skin conditions like vitiligo. What started as a gift of her own boobs has now resulted in hundreds of gifts of personalised and premade boob pots.

For the record there are plenty of boob pot companies out there however, what I love the most about PYTAL is the personal one-per-customer business approach that the artist takes. Emma has clear boundaries in order to protect her mental health from overworking and also cares enough about her customers to offer a fair opportunity for them all to try for a pot. I am still waiting for the day that I manage to get my hands on one of her pots due to their hot-off-the-press popularity. 25 pots are known to have sold out in a matter of minutes!!! Also, I'd like to think that I have the confidence to get a personalised one... watch this space.

Finally, you MUST give Emma a follow if only for her sporadic Instagram Q&A videos. She honestly makes me scream with laughter from her sarcastic and quite frankly hilarious outtakes on life. Oh... and if you like grumpy looking cats, hers makes regular appearances on her feed.

Art source
Montauk 4 Surfers Beach 2009

Art by Spencer Tunick - More from this artist

Spencer Tunick

Now that looks a bit nippy...

This photograph is a classic example of Spencer Tunick's work. The backdrop for the photographs range from harsh urban environments to simplistic green spaces. The use of naked bodies swept up in sandstorms and dipped into crystal blue lakes is something rather beautiful. The body is neither sexualised nor used to shock in Spencer's photos. It acts as a reminder that we, as humans, are part of the world's makeup and should blend in more with the environment Mother Nature has created for us. In short, it is refreshing to see naked bodies up close and personal in a world where everything is either hypersexualised or banned (#freethenipple!).

His work is global with installations popping up in Hull, Bogota, the Dead Sea, Munich, Florida and Helsinki to name but a few. Having been arrested multiple times whilst orchestrating photo shoots in public places, Spencer is very passionate about displaying his art for all to see. He consistently fights for the protection of himself and the volunteers who take part in his work.

There are also political aspects which derive from the artists work as well as admiring the beauty and formality of nudity. In July 2016, 100 women posed nude in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention to make art with what may have been one of the most controversial subjects in this presidential race: a woman’s body.”

Art source


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