“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” – Miuccia Prada

Good morning art lover, what are you wearing today? Did you make a deliberate choice or did you just grab the first thing available from your wardrobe/floordrobe? I am currently wearing an all-black ensemble: turtle neck, tights and mini-skirt because let's be honest, one struggles to make a fashion faux-pas with all black.

Fashion is yet another art form that strives for perfection creating timeless statement pieces which transcend modern society. Everyone needs fashion (unless you're a nudist). Its powerful influence determines what's in whilst providing us with the essentials, the extras, the hand-me-downs and the one-of-a-kind pieces. At the end of the day, to be fashionable just comes down to a matter of style and that varies person-to-person. High fashion to high-street, there is artistic expression behind every item of clothing. It starts in the design studio, makes its debut on the catwalk and continues to inspire on the shop floor and at home. For this ART post, I have picked three wildly different types of artist who all deliver fashion statements through their own unique aesthetic.

Hayden Williams

Art by Hayden Williams - More from this artist

Hayden Williams

British fashion illustrator and designer Hayden Williams is entrancingly gifted. He designs distinct looks for different types of people. Baby pink miniskirts for bubblegum-blowing teenagers, glittery halternecks and knee-highs for disco-babes and fluffy earmuffs and pom-poms for ski angels. His refreshing and refined artistry bursts with infinite imagination. Imagine conjuring up the concept of Disney Princesses covering the front page of Vogue... red-lipped Pocahontas is really giving eyes here.

When it comes to presenting fashion, the actual designs should be the talking point not who's wearing them. The illustrator tends to stick to the same long legs, pouty lips and high-arching eyebrows in order to keep a consistent feel across all his looks. I love the you-can't-sit-with-us vibe that his illustrations give off, always dressed to impress and immaculately so. As well as his signature models, Hayden draws girl gangs like the Bratz, superstars like Shakira and power duos like Gianni and Donatella Versace, all of them dressed to the nines. His illustrations frequently pay homage to icons such as '70s divas Cher, Diana Ross and Tina Turner in shimmering gowns. What's more, he is quick to recreate his own stylish takes on characters and celebrities with the release of major films and music albums. My favourite designs are his annual Halloween sketches. His eye for detail combines haute couture with ghoulish elements. The objective is spooky... but make it fashion darling.

Since 2009, Hayden has been sharing his designs on various social media platforms to develop a loyal following. He has worked with a whole range of celebrities from the modelling elite like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss to fashion-obsessed celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce and the Kardashians. His rise in popularity has provided brilliant opportunities within the fashion industry including designing a line for Missguided. Now that's what I call a success story!

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Adut Kech

Art by Adut Akech Bior - More from this artist

Adut Akech Bior

A main component of fashion in this day and age is the model who struts their stuff down the catwalk. We, as humans, create art but humans can also be the art with our colourful personalities splatted across the canvas of life. In the fashion world, models are part of the grand masterpiece striking poses and showing off the final product. Before we continue, I must confess that my limited modelling knowledge is only supported by hours of watching America's Next Top Model when I was 16...

Adut Akech Bior is someone who I find exceptionally compelling. She is 19 years-old, South Sudanese-Australian, a Christmas baby and one of the most in-demand models of the moment. From refugee to Model of the Year 2019, Adut is on a roll. The way she saunters down the runway covered in Moschino jewels and Miu Miu ruffles is striking. Of course, all models have a signature walk, however, the way Adut's body moves to compliment whatever she is wearing is an art within itself.

I once read that the purpose of a model is to resemble a clothes hanger in order to show off the outfit, not to steal the limelight. However, I find that quite hard to believe when the whole industry is founded upon unattainable physical attributes all in the name of beauty* and many of today's supermodels descend from celebrity clout. This is why successful models like Adut are groundbreaking for diversifying the runway by defying the conventional mould of high fashion. By taking up space in an unaccommodating environment whilst excelling at your domain, *checks notes* yes, that's how you break down barriers.

*Note: Beauty in fashion traditionally derives from the 'euro-centric' and/or western aesthetic, a deeply ingrained patriarchal structure if I ever did see one...

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Art Alexa

Art by Art-lexa Chung - More from this artist


Image: "Au Revoir" by Frédéric Soulacroix / Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof at London Fashion Week by Jonathan Pryce.

Originally from Spain, María and Beatriz Valdovín are 1. sisters and 2. adoring Alexa Chung fans. Their Instagram account @artlexachung puts together photographs of Alexa Chung with a variety of well-renowned artwork. The one-of-a-kind concept is undoubtedly admired at length with 87.1k followers and counting. For those who don't know, Alexa Chung is a former model, TV presenter, writer and now fashion designer. Her distinct personal style is well regarded among fashion critics. I would argue that Alexa Chung is one of the many cherished figures that represent the best of British fashion, always in attendance on the front row and usually in the Top 10 best-dressed lists.

From editorials to paparazzi snaps, the sisters effortlessly curate paralleled images of Alexa Chung with a Matisse or Munch painting. By taking in the colours, textures and designs of Alexa's clothing and makeup, the sisters are able to match her look with a painting which portrays a similar style and also evokes similar sentiments. It is a great way to bring back older artistic masterpieces into the modern world by identifying key elements that appear in both the works of Picasso, Modigliani, Dali and Schiele, and also in Alexa Chung's wardrobe. Art and fashion have always been interlinked but this takes it to a new level. For me, it comes down to how harmonious the final piece looks, almost as if Alexa could have been the original muse for the artist many moons ago...

To read more about how this idea came about, click here!

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