Art is political, there is no doubt about it. The ways in which you perceive the world affect how you appreciate art. There will be certain art you like and certain art you dislike. You can admire the work of an artist yet disagree with their morals and actions. What an artist creates is also influenced by the politics that surround them, whether or not they choose to actively address it within their work. Art is a medium that acts as a voice piece for many to portray their emotions through visual messages in order to find common ground with others.

This week's post puts a spotlight on the artists who send out clear messages in their own unique way. I hope the words below encourage you to think about what sort of message you want to share with the world.

Sophie Joan Art

Art by Sophia Joan Short - More from this artist

Sophia Joan Short

If you're in need of a pick-me-up then this is the artist that you need to follow. Sophia Joan Short aims to brighten your day with mini messages scribbled down on any surface available. From coffee cups and mirrors to bathroom tiles and leaves, her signature black penned messages remind you what it is to be human and as humans, we need to cut each other some slack. There is a power in words which humbles us and this artist's cute graffiti tackles conversations surrounding failure, body weight, mental health and sources of pressure and stress. If I were to sum up the general vibe of Short's work, it would point out that we have the capacity to live our best lives, we just need not be so hard on ourselves.

She also uses beads, stickers, chalk and food to conjure up her love notes - we love to see the versatility. Here are some of my favourite messages of hers: this one for it's simplicity, this one for its sweetness and this one because it will always be true.

Art source
Sophie King

Art by Sophie King - More from this artist

Sophie King

… Did she just hang up on you?

Straight talking and hard truths aren’t exactly the traditional templates to hand embroidery however, this artist isn’t your average seamstress. Artist Sophie King makes textile art that calls out emotional abuse, reminds victims that what happened to them was never their fault and generally takes no sh*t. She confronts the toxic actions of others like this and that in pink, red and black thread. It's so refreshing to see someone be so direct about sensitive issues explaining loud and clear that some accepted societal norms are just not acceptable. She embroiders on practically everything including roses - her work is very cool in my opinion. One important piece of King’s which everyone should know about is the series of red flags she designs. Imagine if we all took the time to decide what is a red flag to us… we’d have so much time + energy to put towards other important things in our lives!

Art source
The Sweet Feminist

Art by Becca Rea-Holloway - More from this artist

Becca Rea-Holloway


  • 1 large feminist.
  • 400g of common sense
  • 250g of rage (sugar-coated if talking with your granddad).
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda (so we can rise up against the evils of the world!)
  • Sprinkles are compulsory, never optional.


1. Becca, otherwise known as the Sweet Feminist, has 'a passion for mixing sugar + strong opinions'. She adds 100g of sprinkles and three tablespoons of buttercream to progressive politics arguably making them as accessible a Victoria Sponge Cake at afternoon tea.

2. If you look on her website, she has pretty much made every type of baked good into some sort of protest sign. My absolute favourite has to be the call to action against the Gender Pay Gap - not so sweet now, honey.

3. There is an argument that by protesting through the art of cakes, The Sweet Feminist is deliciously reclaiming one domestic aspect of the housewife to fight patriarchy with the fruits of her labour.

Fancy a slice? Then start advocating for a just and fairer society for all.

Art source


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