Alright alright, put your hand up if you ever went through a scrapbooking phase? If yours were anything like mine then they're probably metres deep in the recycling centre by now. One thing I love about collaging as a concept is the environmentally-friendly vibe it tends to have, giving snippets of paper and other materials a second lease of life. You can design and construct something entirely new from someone else's creation. The circle of life and all that jazz.

Today I want to spotlight some talented individuals who I admire. The first artist takes collaging to another level layering black models, nature and a warm colour palette. The second combines modern photography with classic paintings and the third artist brings 1950s catalogue drawings back to life. Let's take a look, shall we?


Art by Nkosi - More from this artist


Now, how mesmerising is that image above? Melbourne based artist Nkosi, virtually known as gldeng6rl, is one of those people who has undoubtedly found what they're meant to do in life. Their work is just stunning and I mean, literally stunning.

Throughout their artwork, there is a vibrant serenity which permeates through the mixed layers of materials. There is specific attention to varied skin textures, use of motion and the effectiveness of blank space in an otherwise intrinsically detailed canvas. It takes natural talent to have such a creative eye, keeping their work ethereal yet relevant in all aspects. Take this collage, for example, I mean, where do I begin? From the glossed over eye and the uses of curves to the chiaroscuro effect and the multitudes of textures, this artist allows your to imagine it all. I could spend hours scrolling through their work or better still, buy some of their art (which you should too). They've got prints, totes, t-shirts and diaries galore, take your pick here.

P.S. If you look closely, there are teeny silhouettes of lil ladies with afros just lounging around the prints. It's the extra details for meeeeee.

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Collage by Grey

Art by Collage By Grey

Collage By Grey

I don't know about you but there are many dusty paintings which could do with spicing up and this artist has found a fabulous medium to give them a new lease of life. They bring the sexy back into the classics by embedding nude photography within a painted scene... as if the original had always planned to hold the new muse.

At a glance, the soft smooth tones of painted skin contrast with the harsher elements of photographed skin. Yet, the merging of bodies obscures those differences adding to the potency of the piece. It highlights how we accept and celebrate painted nudity as a cultural norm yet discourage photographed nudity especially one that does not
conform to the male gaze. In fact, the artist concentrates on the beauty of the male form, moving away from a traditional heteronormative discourse. I dig the focus on male nudes into the frame because it shatters the subconscious objectification of the female body. It says loud and clear that any body can be displayed and should always be admired.

In addition, the artists builds on the body-positive movement in the art world. Our society seems so infatuated with the likes of Michelangelo's David and Canova's Napoleon, it's incredibly refreshing to see artwork that includes and elevates the less-chisselled. A far more interesting take on how we visualise nudity, no?

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Tyler Varsell

Art by Tyler Varsell - More from this artist

Tyler Varsell

Tyler Varsell is an American collage artist and illustrator who creates wonderful hand-cut paper collages out of just about anything. They layer snippets of different 1940/50/60's magazine articles and leaflets into beautiful scenes. I love how the artist turns the mundane and normal, like looking out a window or lounging in bed, into a magical, supergalactic experience. From nighttime cityscapes to hazy red deserts, their work always prioritises bold backgrounds to contrast with the other mixed media cutouts of sobbing teens, couples kissing and nosey onlookers. It shows us that the world can be whatever we want it to be if we just choose to think outside the box a little more.

Who wouldn't want to dive into a glass of martini?

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