Oh hello there, back so soon? Or has another fortnight in lockdown already passed by like a flash of lightning or the emptiness of your glass when someone shouts "next round is on me"? (ugh I miss the pub). I don't know about you but the days feel long yet the weeks seem to fly by. The one thing we can collectively agree on is that 'NSYNC predicted that it's gonna be MAY. And here we are, 1st May 2020 in self-isolation... not the May Justin was hoping for nor the May any of us were hoping for but c'est la vie, we can work through this.

In that case... get ready for [insert drum roll here] blog post #2 of the QUARANTINED SERIES!


Art by Samantha Rothenberg - More from this artist

Violet Clair

This artist is the queen of calling out misogynistic bullsh*t. Her work is inspired by millennial dating culture where she combines her own illustrative style with real-life dating interactions, submitted by her fans. Her cartoons make light-hearted remarks about toxic masculinity, emotional labour, ghosting and the friend-zone, all whilst sporting brightly-coloured hair and an eclectic fashion sense. What I like best about the artist is the versatility of her themes. One second she is calling out mansplaining and then later is celebrating love. She has recently started a new comic strip series of positive dating experiences during COVID-19 (demonstrating that love waits for those who self-isolate).

The reason I brought this artist to your attention is to do with the image above. As the crisis climate continues and we are forced to stay indoors for the safety of everyone, disturbing stories of catcalling have been retold by some women when out on their essential shopping trips... I cannot begin to imagine what is going on in the catcaller's mind to think that heckling someone on the street is

1. Ever ok to do so (please keep your thoughts and hands to yourself, or better still learn to not see women solely as sexual objects for your gratification).

2. Ever ok to do so during a GLOBAL pandemic (please keep your mouth shut, I don't want your germs nor your sexual advances. Plus, even if your catcall magically worked and I wanted to hop into bed with you, I wouldn't as the thought of self-isolating for 14 days afterwards with someone who catcalls sounds dreadful).

This is why artists like Violet Clair are so important because they're not afraid to use their art as a motive to call out byproducts of the patriarchy. By presenting us with friendly reminders like this, we can use this time to work on ourselves, learn to respect others and make society a safer place for us all to thrive.

Art source
Sarah Barnfart

Art by Sarah Barnfart - More from this artist

Sarah Barnfart

"Maybe I don't know as much about myself as I thought," said everyone in lockdown.

Being in self-isolation has been an emotional learning curve for everyone. There will be many of you feeling frustrated by the simplest of things like not being able to get all the ingredients you need to make a mousaka or noticing the weird squeak your shower makes. There will also be many of you finding new passions or rekindling past loves in your bid to fill up your spare time at home, unhinged from the previous reasoning (see: blaming) that other commitments had to come first.

What's more, COVID-19 has flipped the whole world on its head, allowing people to question the norms of what is considered essential, traditional workplace etiquette and much more. The phrase 'the new normal' is being thrown about left, right and centre, and I'm 100% here for it. Let the new normal transform you into the person you want to be, not the one you're expected to be. Because let's be honest, COVID-19 has reminded us all of the fragility of life, a life we should never take for granted.

A bit about the artist: Sarah Barnfart is a mixed media artist who layers bright colours, clashing patterns and doodles together to create a masterpiece. A different lady (usually in the nude and in killer heels) features in each design decorated with smiley faces, bohemian flowers and teardrops. Looking at these pieces feels almost like catching a glimpse of the artist's chaotic inner thoughts, using pastel colours and provocative poses to relieve you from falling down a dark rabbit hole of extreme emotions (or maybe I'm just going off on a tangent here...).

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Art by Studio Ess - More from this artist

Studio Ess

There are many reasons why I love the creative community and one of my favourites is their generosity to those in need, especially during times of hardship. I've seen countless artists organise fundraisers, competitions and online workshops during the pandemic, giving back to their community. Studio Ess is one of these lovely creatures. She has created free online activities for you to download if you fancy getting arty during self-isolation... I mean, who doesn't love a freebie?

But who is Studio Ess? She is an illustrator, graphic designer and self-proclaimed feminist. At the beginning of the year, she created several graphics to bring awareness to period poverty faced by many teenage girls, in support of local UK charities tackling the issue. Can you believe seven girls every week skip school due to their period? I really like this image because it's a clear reminder that for many, sanitary products remain a luxury item (despite efforts to make them more accessible such as collection boxes and stamping out tampon tax). The last thing you need to worry about whilst bleeding is when you'll next find a box of tampons that fits your flow and whether you will be able to afford it.

Now, as the crisis climate rages on, many are prevented from accessing sanitary products at all. This is no joke. There remains a lack of sanitary products on supermarket shelves (due to initial stockpiling frenzies and later distribution issues). We've reached a situation where many who didn't worry too much about their periods are now finding themselves in uncomfortable predicaments. If you have any spare pennies that you'd like to donate to those who bleed, click here! to support NHS workers on the front line and/or click here! to help the vulnerable.

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