T.G.I.F. everybody! It's another beautiful Friday which only means one thing- viva la weekend! In T-6 hours, many WFH worker bees will be logging off for a well-deserved rest whilst many other key workers will be getting ready to start another long nightshift. If you're about to enjoy the (hopefully dry and sunny) weekend ahead, why not spare a thought and any extra cash you have lying about and donate it to somewhere deserving? Here are some examples: these wonderful charity workers doing overtime and/or our fantastic front-line workers and/or the good people you might rely on if you get into a spot of bother down by the coast.

Enjoy the weekend in whatever socially distanced manner you desire. You'd like to think we've all got into the swing of things re. lockdown but it's always good to triple check you've got a mask and hand sanitiser handy. Now enough with my nattering, I gather you came here for un petit peu de ART... so here we go!


Art by Cassi A. Namoda - More from this artist

Cassi A. Namoda

Titled Little is Enough for Those with Love, Mimi Nakupenda, Namoda depicts what we all crave right now: simple past times with your loved ones. Our lockdown state of being hasn't yet allowed for dinner parties, spontaneous nights out with strangers, spilt drinks and zero worries. For this piece, the artist took inspiration from her memories of Africa, most specifically Mozambique 'where friends, lovers and family get together and enjoy the breeze coming off the water'. Her work is said to be influenced by abstract expressionism. She uses a soft palette to entice the onlooker yet it is the message behind the artwork which captivates you, leaving you to linger.

This piece reminds me of a fond memory from my time in Palermo a couple of years ago. After an evening of pasta and wine, J and I stumbled across (and subsequently joined) a small group of people slow dancing to street musicians in a small piazza. I miss being surrounded by others, I miss the late-night heat and I miss life's surprises

Art source
Alice Skinner

Art by Alice Skinner - More from this artist

Inspired by Picasso's 1907 'les demoiselles d'avignon', a real-life version of Alice Skinner's 'When girls get ready together and take a group pic' is in every 20-something's phone album. Personally I'm an avid photographer of the good times cherishing every blurred and beautiful photo of my pals out and about having fun. However, lockdown put a stop to that, so much so that I've reverted to taking photos of food, it's got that bad. As well as loving this artist's feminist takes on other masterpieces such as this one and that one, it acts a reminder that girl gangs across the world have been socially distanced as a result of COVID-19.

Wiping away the tears, I better mention a wee more about the artist. Alice Skinner is a fantastic illustrator and visual artist "creating tongue in cheek illustrations as a social commentary on 21st-century life". Her work calls for women to take up space in whatever capacity they desire rather than the bullsh*t the patriarchy lays on us so that we never realise our full potential. This is complemented by the exacerbated feminine feel of Skinner's art. It's important for women to reclaim pink as a colour of preferential choice and not as something that we've been assigned to like.

Art source
Actual Footage Of Me

Art by Niki Dionne - More from this artist

Niki Dionne

Niki Dionne's artwork snapshots the day in the life of different women. All these women have their own style, emotions and interests- see Mariah, Xia and Anon. It is incredibly humble living portrayed by exquisite skill on canvas. Dionne's talent isn't just limited to paint, she is also an illustrator and fibre artist which adds more depth and variety to these fictional women's lives. I must say that it is always a pleasure being introduced to a new painted, rendered or knitted face.

The piece above got me thinking about the positives of lockdown (if I'm allowed to say that???). One sweet thang has been the free gigs hosted by musicians via social media. I've spent hours listening to beautiful live music from the likes of Nao, Tom Odell and Easy Life whilst sat in bed. There's something quite bizarre about attending a gig without the moshing, screaming encore! and feeling high on life. It's the little things which go along way during this "unprecedented" period for normal people like you and me.

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