So here we are at blogpost #6 of the QUARANTINED series. This means we've been in a state of lockdown for over 14 weeks!!! As the pubs and restaurants are now opened across England, my social media feeds are drastically changing from cosy nights in to boomerangs of glasses clinking in a beer garden. It is mad to think how the British public has gone from 0 to 100 real quick but I guess the attraction of pints sadly outweighs other morals (thanks BoJo).

A la blog, this week I have decided to keep this post short and sweet (as I'm sure you all have plenty of other things to be doing). Read on for some positivity and politics... a paradox if I ever did see one.

Jessie Cave

Art by Jessie Cave - More from this artist

Jessie Cave

2020 had me like...

As we overcome these "unprecedented times" and a "new normal" sets in, I find myself thinking about how some of the wonderful people in my life have adapted to this new way of being. I feel for my family like my sister who starts university in the autumn whilst the whole world is still struggling with a pandemic??? Whereas, my cousin finished her studies this summer yet won't have a ceremonial graduation (which she 10000% deserves). I look to my friends like the one who is yet to meet her new colleagues face-to-face despite having worked together for several months now or the ones who should be backpacking around South America and then there's those who have up and left their London lifestyle and don't plan on returning. Life is a game and unfortunately, someone decided to pick up a chance card containing COVID-19 (why wasn't it go straight to GO and collect $200???). Yet all is not lost, 2020 can still be our year of thriving, self-improvement and much more. You've just got to let go of what you thought your life plan was going to be and just live in the now.

About the artist: Jessie Cave is a writer, comedian, doodler, actor and more! She is just hilarious and says it like it is, plain and simple. I would describe her doodles as a homage to the lives, loves and fears of millenial beings. Her childlike aesthetic is super cute and reminds us how life is just a series of bright colours and wobbly lines at the end of the day. Doodling seems like it would be good for the soul so why not pick up a pen and start creating your own characters... or at least, buy one of her prints to brighten up your walls.

Art source
Nina Chanel

Art by Nina Chanel Abney - More from this artist

Nina Chanel Abney

Throughout this global pandemic, it's been clear that the human race has held in a lot of pent-up anger. People get angry about a lot of minor and major issues be it stubbing your toe, police brutality, governmental ignorance and/or the near-fatal collapse of the NHS. Something that is also clear is the fact that people are tired of the b*llshit and are not willing to let it go anymore. The Black Lives Matter movement which tore across America and ruffled the world is a key example of this.

I came across this artist a couple of weeks ago and was instantly mesmerised by her artwork. Nina's work explodes with colour, shapes, prints and text proving that there is always beauty behind the chaos. The masses of people that take up space within her pieces create a noisy yet flamboyant atmosphere, that life is a show and everyone is expected to perform, or at the very least conform in society. Her work is undoubtedly a political commentary on how Black and Brown lives fare in White America however, she has also created exhibitions on sexual fluidity, pop culture and the beauty of being Black.

You're allowed to be angry and if you are, then do something about it. Sign petitions or even better, start them. Support those who need it through financial means, emotional support, safe spaces and most importantly, with your own precious time. We only have one life, don't you want to make sure that those around you are also living their best life with you?

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