It's the spookiest day of the year tomorrow so who's ready for some last-minute Halloween inspiration? I've been so excited to share some of my favourite artists that design with ghouls and ghosts in mind. The truth is that this year will be more low-key but that doesn't mean we can't get into the spirit of things (puns always intended) so read on for your fortnightly dose of artists who put the 'boo!' in beautiful illustrations.

Teenage zombie girl having a tantrum

Art by Tragic Girls - More from this artist

Tragic Girls

Tragic Girls is a 'one woman-owned and operated' artist who makes prints and apparel with frighteningly cool designs. Inspired by all things ghoulish, this artist adds an extra slice of horror to everyday nightmares such as persistent exes and skipping lunch. Their work focuses on textures and the use of distressing to get that retro comic book feel. Plus, the exaggerated speech bubbles and text boxes further animate the scary scenes making them both visually pleasing and spookily inspiring. If you're still unsure about how you'll celebrate tomorrow, perhaps a spooky sleepover or a hauntingly good picnic could do the trick (or treat).

P.S. This artist is currently doing the daily #creeptoberclub Instagram challenge so if you want to check out more of their spookily good work - start here.

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Art by Ruttu (Alejandra Oviedo) - More from this artist


Bogot√° based artist Ruttu, otherwise known as Alejandra Oviedo, draws retro illustrations for 'cool cats and glamour ghouls'. They embellish erotic art with vintage and horror, creating vampire pin-up girls, zombie-like 'betties' and coffin cuties. Halloween has always been a sexy event, therefore, it seems appropriate that this artist is taking part in a different art challenge called #kinktober. I love how these online communities connect their talents and create a global portfolio of hauntingly good designs. One thing worth mentioning about this artist is how generous they are with freebies. From bookmarks to colouring pages, you can join in on the fun and get creative. This has to be one of my favourites.

There is no doubt that 31st October 2020 is set to be the most chilling Halloween ever. What's more terrifying than monsters under your bed? How about someone disobeying the two-metre distance rule without wearing a mask... YIKES. Celebrating the spookiest day of the year doesn't mean you shouldn't take precautionary measures seriously. Have fun, be safe and Happy Halloween!

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