Heatwaves, iced lattes and sweat patches- this is what August is all about. This won't be the summer of adventure for most of us however, I think we can all agree that everyone needs to take some time off this summer to relax. If you're in need of some summer #inspo to get you in the mood whilst you blow up your inflatable mini pool then take a read of what I've got to say today. Don't worry though- I've kept it short and sweet so you can get back out into the sun ASAP.

Tactile Matter

Art by Kenesha Sneed - More from this artist

Kenesha Sneed

I don't know about you but it's been a breath of fresh air to not be bombarded by bikini influencers this summer. With COVID-19 forcing people to rethink what a summer holiday looks like, I've found that I'm seeing fewer photos on social media of Cypriot sunsets and Moroccan waves and more ice creams at the local park and sandy feet in Devon. This painting by Kenesha Sneed is both aesthetically pleasing to look at as it is to drift off to past memories of holidays long gone. Anyone who has had the privilege of spending a summer anywhere in Europe can easily recognise the pastel blue sky and orangey-cream walls of a holiday villa in this piece above.

Sneed's work is simplistic, serene and satisfying. If you look back at her previous work, you can see how her talent has evolved with time to create a variety of remarkable styles. Her (mostly) faceless muses have graced the likes of AirBnB, i-D, New York Times and Call Your Girlfriend in print and paint. Check out more of her work here! I don't know about you but some of these prints are definitely going onto my Christmas wishlist...

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Laura Page

Art by Laura Page - More from this artist

Laura Page

This Cornish based artist takes inspiration from the world around her. From fashion and ceramics to faces and locations, she produces artwork that beautifully replicates the best bits of modern life. Her dreamy warm colour palette depicts Greek nights, Turkish delights and Croatian wine all with a swipe of a paintbrush. Her style is undoubtedly for fans of Anthropologie, & Other Stories and Free People so if your humble abode is covered in tassles and succulents, you better add order one of her prints to perfect the vibe.

Looking at the image above, I can imagine little girls in white linen frocks holding droopy headed purple flowers racing up those stairs. No doubt they are making their way back to their rented villa for a game of UNO before bed with tummies full of fresh seafood and lemonade. Oh to be on holiday right now...

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