Even though we're not out of this pandemic just yet, life has taken a drastic turn from intense lockdown vibes therefore, I have decided to return to different themes to celebrate the artwork of talented beings. As it all seems rather scary stepping out into the 'new normal', the first theme shall be TINY art because it's always better to start small. Plus no one said it better than ol' Shakey himself: “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

Please enjoy this slightly smaller ART edition including the header image of a small me- you won't be forgetting this theme in a hurry (hehe). P.S. A lil added bonus for you- click here! to read teeny weeny love stories to make your heart full.

Rosade Jong

Art by Rosa de Jong - More from this artist

Rosa de Jong

Now, would you look at that mini-masterpiece!

This Amsterdam based artist creates these teeny tiny worlds, ideal for borrowers and ants alike. She uses a mix of cardboard, tree bark, watercolours and more to create a variety of treehouses, skyscrapers and cave communities, each with their own personality and magic. She even links up minuscule wires so her larger hilltop villages glow in the evening sun. Rosa's attention to detail, imagination and precision have provided her with the building blocks to create something truly unique and loved by all. Who isn't in awe of this tiny ladders?

Art source
Liana Rae

Art by Liana Farmer - More from this artist

Liana Farmer

I came across Liana's work from a newsletter and was instantly mesmerised with her talent. Liana paints teeny portraits of modern Black women in all shades of creams, browns and beiges. Her work evokes grace and style - the perfect wall coverings if you're a minimalist. The absence of facial features on the Boston-based babe's muses creates a calming sense of mystery. Who is she? What is she like? How does she see the world? By reducing these women to shapes and colours, this somehow makes them even more beautiful. What makes Liana's work even more special is the fact she takes inspo from real-life women, turning a cute selfie into something more. Personally, I think these would make gorgeous stamps (first class only obviously).

The majority of the artist's work seems to be influenced by the female form, fashion and flora. Fashion is such a big part of the female experience - whether you choose to indulge in couture or rather reject societal norms and create anti-fashion. At the end of the day, you're still buying into the notion that we humans must wear clothes, vain or not.

Art source
Lorraine Loots

Art by Lorraine Loots - More from this artist

Lorraine Loots

This South-African artist definitely has a glaring USP. She paints minuscule circular landscapes, teeny vibrant animals and other everyday items against a white backdrop. All her work is no bigger than a £1 coin yet the detail is phenomenal. It's almost like looking through a telescope in faraway lands. There is definitely something enchanting about it all.

I'd like to think one day we will return to our big adventures but for now, why not get lost in the miniature realms of Lorraine Loots? Click here! to see more of her work and just be baffled by the level of skill and creativity this artist has.

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