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This fortnightly post is designed to share + discuss different pieces of art and/or artists that I’ve come across (usually via social media, newsletter recommendations and exhibitions) that I feel are worth putting a spotlight on.

This week's theme is VEGAN. I started 2020 like many others committing to Veganuary focusing on an eco-state of mind. If it wasn't sustainable, ethical or environmentally friendly, I wasn't eating or using it- period. Being human, I did slip up several times with dairy (and on the second day, the Lord provideth us with cheese). Overall, I really enjoyed the experience so I thought it was only appropriate to do a vegan post because if we're not trying to save the world one small step at a time then what's the point?!

Disclaimer: I have only written about two artists this week as I am at the beginning of my journey to find great vegan-inspired artists. So don't worry gals and guys, I'm not going to be talking about any ol' nonsense. Basically what I am asking is if you (yes, you!) can recommend any cool arty people who use their veganism to create and teach the world to be a better place and are also need of support then link them this way please!!!

Right, enough from me, let's get down to business...

Joan Chan

Art by Joan Chan - More from this artist

Just Comics

If you could cuddle a cartoon, you'd want to cuddle one of Joan Chao's lil chicks... or any of her other drawings for that matter. They are just adorable, so adorable that you must go look at her Instagram page right now before coming back here to finish reading my spiel.

The art style is very simplistic. Simple shapes, mostly pastel colours and lightly written messages with deeper meaning and reason for change. Most of the artist's work are short stories following the lives of animals overcoming obstacles like pollution, entrapment and the livestock industry. How she portrays #veganism, #overconsumption and #saveouroceans varies quite cleverly. There are cute harmonious animal-human relationships like a grandma and a turkey celebrating Thanksgiving together over pumpkin pie. There are intergalactic scenarios such as aliens who try to eat humans whilst using the same justifications that humans use to eat animals. Plus you cannot miss the heart-wrenching animal perspectives like stressed chickens having nightmares about humans eating more of them to replace beef and dolphins reminding their calves not to swallow plastic. Suddenly choosing that vegan dish at Wagamamas seems better for all of us...

I think Joan's well-thought out art style perfectly promotes her end suffering cause because it uplifts those who are already doing their bit whilst reminding others to think about their actions. In reality, the artist just wants you to think before you act, to choose courgettes over cows. By creating these super adorable images within tragic real-life scenarios, it's hard not to keep scrolling without thinking about the impact food industries have on animals and their environment.

What's more, her artwork is incredibly accessible as the slogans are translated in English, Spanish and Mandarin. This extra work has obviously paid off as a lot of Joan's more recent content seems to be #sponsored by non-profits promoting eco-friendly values such as buying less, reducing plastic use and really thinking about everything you (just one human!) are consuming.

Art source
Memememe Linda

Art by Melinda Hegedus - More from this artist

Melinda Hegedus

Melinda Hegedus creates "art to advocate for the rights of non-human animals and for a more sustainable and compassionate lifestyle for human animals." She labels her work as 'artivism', a trendy tag basically saying I DO ART TO MAKE A POINT. Even though most, if not all, art is critical or at least a commentary of social, political and environmental issues, Melinda's prickly style of art is very clear on the point she is trying to relay.

The artist draws animals in human form to remind us that we are all sentient beings, subject to pain and suffering. She focuses on teaching 'non-vegans' the good that comes with being vegan in the hope of getting through them about the systematic abuse and torture that thousands of animals actually go through every god damn day. By generating anthropomorphic animals, it likens the issues surrounding veganism as more human issues.

I quite like the radical nature of Melinda's work because she doesn't tell us anything that we don't already know, even though it feels very in your face. I have mixed emotions seeing a cow's head on a woman's body, drawn to accentuate feminine busts and curves. She creates prints, stickers and postcards to get her message out and about in the world. The use of bold colours makes her artwork even more striking, unmissable even! against the dull colours of society. If there is something that is going to make you stop and stare, it's going to be a a pink cow with massive tits.

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