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Conversations with BECCA

Good morning darling reader. Now, do I have a surprise for you! As you are aware, I am all for female empowerment and believe that we must work together in order to uplift the lovely ladies in our lives. We all have the ability to empower and support one another so that any of us can reclaim the space we deserve in order to thrive.

Going off from that, I want to use this passion project of mine to help those empowered babes go that one step further. I have decided to create a 'Conversations With' segment so these wonderful people can have a space to discuss their passions, projects and points of view. It is so refreshing to hear the people you love share their creative ideas and exciting plans to do more, learn more and be more. It feels like I find out something new about someone every day and it is so inspiring to see dreams become a reality, no matter how small the goal may seem. At the end of the day, all it takes is one conversation with the right person for your goals to take shape and this blog is all about reminding them that they are supported and loved, always.

So, we’re kickstarting it with Becca! Becca was my first friend and we grew up together as two blonde babes, feeding ducks and writing stories about two superhero sisters. Fast forward to today, Becca is absolutely crushing it. Her goal is to become a life coach, focusing on flipping your mind to the positive. The work she does is invaluable to many (and extremely useful during this global pandemic!) She started her blog this year and already has a fantastic following so why not join them and start learning how to live your best life with Becca?

P.S. Sounds like something you’d like to do? Drop me a message and let’s collaborate.

P.P.S. Something for you to bookmark... I wrote a short but sweet piece on why feminism is essential for achieving 'your best life' on Becca's blog.

How Imposter Syndrome can impact how successful you perceive yourself to be

Hi everyone, my name is Becca from Best Life with Becca here. I’m so excited to be connecting with you all on Poppy’s blog. Poppy and I have known each other for simply years since we were tiny tots, and now we are more grown-up we have found our passions and have decided to come together to share these important ideas with you. Who am I? I am a Psychology Masters graduate and I specialise in positive psychology, physical & mental health and wellbeing on my blog.

Today I am going to be discussing the topic of Imposter Syndrome, and how your perception can impact your own abilities to succeed in life. So, what is Imposter Syndrome? This was first given its name in 1978 by two American Psychologist, Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes. They described it as a feeling that one’s own capabilities are insufficient or inadequate, but in reality, they are usually performing to a high-quality standard and achieving. Many people have probably experienced this feeling through all walks of life, whether at work, university, school, the gym, a class or any social setting really. People who suffer from imposter syndrome often have the desire to achieve and show high motivation for success, but it is countered by living in fear of not really being the person they are making themselves out to be. It’s a catch 22!

This diagram below illustrates clearly how we can discount the value of our achievements because we believe that others already know this or they ‘make it look easy.’ Making it difficult to feel proud of our achievements and stop from taking in that recognition, we seem to discard that and move onto the next project/task. Does this sound familiar? The reality is that this is not healthy. It is good for us to take on board and recognise that we have achieved something, and we have done that to the best of our ability. Not focusing on how others have done.

Imposter Syndrome Venn

Photo credit: Carl Richards

So why is imposter syndrome a problem? It can lead to an emotional imbalance and in some more extreme cases depression* and a lack of self-confidence. It distorts our own assumption of what we think we know and what we think others know (see the image below which shows this nicely). So, it is key to look into managing our own expectations and to try and release doubtful fears. A good way to tackle this is through daily gratitude and positive affirmations, which help you to believe and motivate your mindset. When you internally reframe and establish goals and targets you can let go of external pressures or be less focused on it.

Imposter Syndrome Flow

Photo credit: Kanika Modi

I know I personally have felt inadequate at times and that others know more than me in social settings. But stop and think about the environment you are in; are you at university in a class? Chances are you are all thinking the same questions it’s just who says it first. The same as with work, you are all still learning and finding out new aspects. This can be applied to many situations that you find yourself in, just remember you are probably more equal to your peers than you realise.

Imposter syndrome can affect us all, no matter what race, age, gender or background we come from we have probably all felt insufficient or worried that we don’t belong, or that we aren’t good enough at some point. Therefore, to combat this, I have devised some key top tips for you all:

Top tips:

  1. Be confident and believe in yourself in every situation, even if you don’t fully feel it – you are amazing!
  2. Support and nurture others – you don’t know how they are feeling on the inside, and that might be you one day so treat others as you would like to be treated.
  3. Always continue to grow and develop yourself. Learning new things can be scary because we don’t feel confident in it yet – but it pays off in the long run.
  4. Challenge yourself and focus on what you know you can do; not what people may find you can’t.

You've got this.

Love, Becca x


Want to start living your best life and find out more on positive psychology, health and wellbeing topics? Then head on over to Best Life With Becca. My passion is to help people be the best they can be and to experience life to the fullest. This is a chance to create and have the life that we love and for you to shine your light and to help you create YOUR BEST LIFE. I look forward to connecting with you!


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