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Event #2 'Bitch Better Have My Money'

Location The Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch.
Date Wednesday 10th July 2019
Time 18:30 - 20:30
Cost of ticket £20.00
Instagram @fbeinghumbleldn


My phone buzzed. I was sent a link on a group chat by a pal asking whether anyone wanted to go to an ‘empowered money advice event’. Two of us instantly synced up our calendars, bought tickets... it was a date!

I hadn’t actually heard of the organisation Fuck Being Humble before so I took a quick look online and luckily, the vibe was right up my street. It was to be their third event held at the same location therefore, I had high hopes that it would be well worth the ticket price. Clearly, the whole mantra of the business is exacerbated by its name and I dig it. Fuck Being Humble embodies the mission it has set out to achieve; ‘to educate, inspire and encourage you to be the best possible brand you can be.’

Funnily enough, the friend who suggested the event subsequently couldn't make it due to other financial commitments. So it became a two-man mission with one good friend of mine, topped up on houmous and crisps, ready to get our LEARN on.

The main event

The venue was just gorgeous and fit perfectly with the company’s aim of providing ‘an insightful, engaging and supportive environment.’ What's more, the branding immediately stood out in the chic moody lounge: bright orange posters with bold white text slogans like SHOW DON'T TELL and F*CK BEING HESITANT. It definitely set the vibe.

To begin with, all attendees gathered in a small space mingling among ourselves. Although open to anyone and everyone, it was a fully female audience (bar two or three camera guys). There were tapas plates, glasses of wine and beer bottles for the taking- I’m a sucker for padron peppers. Already, I was impressed with the generosity and organisation that Stef (the founder) had put into the event. She also individually greeted everyone as they arrived, making the whole experience more personable. If I had gone by myself, it would have really made a difference. Then we were ushered into the next room where a female DJ was playing ‘girl power’ remixes. We later learned that she had only recently decided to pursue her passion for DJ'ing, hustling alongside her studies, still in that crazy period of taking any and as many jobs as she could find. Both the music and her story further established an empowered mood to the evening.

All in all, it was a really thought-provoking presentation jam packed with memes, shout outs and audience participation. Stef made it very clear that you need to be your biggest fan, never putting yourself down in instances like asking for a raise or a promotion. In a few words, if you can’t explain to someone as to why you deserve something then you don’t deserve it- simple as. If the reason you can’t explain to someone is down to a lack of confidence or awkward company bureaucracy, that shouldn't be an excuse. You should make time to talk to someone, be consistent and even pushy- make space for you.

This REALLY stuck with me as someone who is at the beginning of their career.

Stef gave sound advice on how best to get the raise. The simplest being take in a list of all your successes, positive differences to the company and anything else you deem worthwhile rewarding with you. Self promotion shouldn’t be a dirty word, especially for women, so be proud of your achievements and show them off. She also covered the inevitable 'what if your company/boss doesn’t think you deserve nor wants to give you a raise'. You simply have to respect their decision... AND create an action plan together where you’ll receive your raise once you’ve hit certain agreed targets. BE PRESENT AND PROUD- this removes stigma and opens up conversations for more women to get the money they worked for and deserved.

My favourite thing about the event was the live Q&A, it had so much energy. Stef opened up the room to whoever wanted to share their businesses, side hustles, personal projects, Instagram handles and even unfinished ideas. Many different women of all ages stood up to share personal trauma, campaigns and just to say hi, it was magical to see girls supporting girls. P.s. you can still find all the details of those who shared something on the pinned HOXTON #3 Instastory... it's the little things which have the most impact on others. Overall the whole event felt very professional and slick. You could tell a lot of hard work had been put into making it an informative and uplifting success.

Food for thought

The main takeaway from the event was a simple structure for anyone to use when asking for a payrise.

  1. Be your own hype man
  2. Know your self worth
  3. Prepare your case
  4. Pitch with passion
  5. Follow up fast

For me, the most valuable part of this 5 step action plan is number 5. Always follow up. Follow up after 3 months if there has been no change. Remind your boss/company that you are still working towards obtaining a raise, never let them forget it. At the end of the day, everyone is looking out for themselves so make sure to reap the benefits on your own time, don’t wait for someone else.

What's more, I reckon this could also be applied in your personal life. If you want or need something, it might take more than just an ask but you should never just accept a no.

Rating: 9/10

Would I recommend this? Yes. I am excited to attend another Fuck Being Humble event in the future, maybe see you guys there?

Love Poppy x

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