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Event #6 Love Don't Cost A Thing

Location My dining table via Zoom
Date Wednesday 27th May 2020
Time 18:30-20:00
Cost of ticket £10.00
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As lockdown persists in the UK, I looked to online events for my monthly inspiration of female empowerment. I noticed that F*ck Being Humble (a self-promoting brand that I have previously reviewed) was hosting several events including their new 'Love Don't Cost A Thing' event. As impulsive as wanting to touch everything in a glassware store, I had a confirmation email in my inbox before you could say 'apple pie'.

"Remind me again what F*ck Being Humble is?", I hear you say. Well, they are an emotionally aware brand who aims to give confidence to individuals to share and promote their best selves. It all stems back from this realisation that networking shouldn't be difficult or overwhelming nor should all the same faces be in one room together. By offering kick-ass advice to anyone who wants to hear it, F*ck Being Humble pushes for a spotlight on all capabilities and talents. I had high hopes given how blown away I was by their other event 'Bitch Better Have My Money' and as you guys and gals are well aware, I'm a sucker for a platform that works on empowering the individual to be the best they can be.

Without further ado, it's time for the review. We've got sh*t to discuss!

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The main event

In typical F*ck Being Humble fashion, the event began with the event-inspired song 'Love Don't Cost A Thing' by JLo followed by other 90s jams to set the vibe. Unable to spin discs in person, their resident DJ had curated a poppin' playlist for the event- a nice touch! As the eclectic mix of images and memes against their signature orangey-yellow backdrop filled my screen, I had a good feeling that this event was going to be the inspiration I needed to refocus and get my sh*t together.

Overall the presentation was thought-provoking, relatable and engaging. Founder Stef highlighted the potential of right here, right now! as the perfect time to build your brand and raise your profile, community and/or audience on the cheap. It was clear that a lot of work had gone into the event because you were constantly bombarded with fantastic examples of other brands, businesses and individuals who are paving the way in their own unique style. What's more, the F*ck Being Humble approach relied on popular trends and cultural references, e.g. the Normal People series and the iconic Kris Jenner crying meme, to entice their audience and maintain an approachable image, just like a supportive friend. It helped to embed their ideas and guidance into a mantra for you to follow, an ingenious way to engage with their audience if you ask moi.

The event was super interactive with several tasks for attendees to engage with one another via the Zoom chatbox. In just an hour and a half, we had delved into audience focus groups, solidifying your story, out-of-the-box ways to promote yourself and the power of surprise. There was enough time to get the creative juices flowing without the event ever feeling disconnected from the main focus. Additionally, there is no denying that Stef's personality shines through her work with the occasional sassy comment and pocket of honesty. It's what keeps the content so captivating and therefore, presents itself as a fabulous formula for success. Her up-and-coming book is a tell-tale sign of that!

Something worthwhile noting: I appreciated the fact that Stef took the time to explain simple concepts and mediums such as the standard tools of social media before diving into the meaty bits. It highlighted how everyone is on a different path and that what you think is obvious for succeeding (erm duh!) might not be on someone else's wavelength (ooh nice tip!). In a way, part of F*ck Being Humble's fundamentals ironically requires you to humble down first about the others around you (a.k.a. potential clients, customers or co-founders) before growing into your own and doing what you want, the way you want.

If I had to critique the event, the only minor issues were the technical ones. There was an initial slow start when joining the event and the music didn't relay well through the Zoom call which was a shame as well as being rather distracting during the tasks. However, I must digress that this is to be expected of online events and not something to judge by if you're considering attending their future webinars. The quality of the content outweighs any technical difficulties bearing in mind, these events were never designed to be anything other than irl- I just want to be transparent with you guys.

In my mind, you'd think of yourself as #winning attending this event after considering a) the price of the ticket, b) the pearls of wisdom and c) the extra perks such as 24-hour online access post-event to catch up or rewatch what went down. Think of it as a well-deserved treat, one that will give you the answers and empower you to take the next steps in your passion projects... self-love don't cost a thing at the end of the day.

Food for thought

There were two (slightly paraphrased) quotes in particular that really stood out for me...

"Sometimes we only share the best side of us when actually people want to know the real side of us"

This is the perfect reminder to make yourself personally available to your client, candidate, customer or community. It's about showing them what you are doing differently from other people in similar fields whilst remaining transparent in your skillset and achievements.

"Your life experiences are different, different from everyone else so use them!"

You only live one life (or at least that's what most people think) therefore, you need to go out and use your lived experiences to shape your future by relying on them as proof of your creativity, work ethic or whatever other personality traits you want to promote. There is only one you so why not shout about how great you are?

Rating: 8.5/10

Would I recommend this? Oh definitely. This particular event is a minefield of fantastic advice, accessible examples for all talents and inspiring examples of others who have been successful in their own unique ways. There are two more online webinars in June- one is tomorrow so book onto it right now! or if you fancy attending Love Don't Cost A Thing post review then it is next Monday on 30th June 2020. Click here! for tickets.

As always, if you do attend their next event I'd love to hear your thoughts plus if I'm all ears if you know of any female-empowered events coming up.

Love Poppy x


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