The Slice Podcast hosts Tara and Megan

Event #8 Talking Resilience

Location Oliver Bonas Clubhouse, Central London
Date Wednesday 16th October 2019
Time 18:30-20:30
Cost of ticket £12.00
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Let’s think back to life before COVID-19 when our social calendars were so chokka, we were basically spinning plates. During one of the many busy weeks of October, I was secretly excited to do something different. A lovely friend and I attended a live recording of a podcast in central London with no idea about the set-up, the guest speakers nor the podcast itself! It all came about from a WhatsApp message from a lil group chat where we aimed to attend different empowering events (whenever we could fit it in) and this happened to be one of them.

The Slice Podcast aims to be your Monday morning dose of motivation to "start on the right foot and kick ass all week". Hosts Tara Starlet and Megan Morass create conversations with a diverse range of women on empowering, taboo and important life topics from nutrition and self-promotion to sexual pleasure and activism. For the episode we attended, their guest speakers were Leyya Sattar and Roshni Goyate, founders of The Other Box. Named after the other box you tick if you don’t fit the standard cis white heterosexual box, their company aims to celebrate those from underrepresented backgrounds with an emphasis on people of colour in the creative industries.

The table topic was RESILIENCE (see: resilience/rɪˈzɪlɪəns/noun) which actually seems rather appropriate to re-visit given everything that's going on in the world right now. Have you had to put on a brave face over a series of life challenges thrown your way? Have you referred to tried-and-tested coping mechanisms from previous trauma, hardship and difficulty to get through 2020? Do you consider yourself resilient?

NB: If you hadn’t guessed already, this event is one from the 2019 archives. I hope you enjoy this review and that it pushes you to explore other avenues of entertainment. What’s life without a bit of mystery and trying-your-luck?

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The main event

First things first, the location was beautiful (and very easy to find!). If you didn't know, the brand Oliver Bonas (who sponsored the podcast recording) has a super cool clubhouse just off Oxford Street. Imagine a long narrow room covered in splashes of colour, sparkles, tassles and cushions. It’s like every girl’s sleepover club dream location- an adult wonderland. Upon arrival, you could feel the buzz of excitement in the room. Tara and Megan welcomed us with big smiles and small talk while the Oliver Bonas Team offered attendees fruity gin tinnies and posh soft drinks. We took our place on multi-coloured chairs which faced towards the recording equipment. The pang of irony suddenly hit me that duh! it doesn't matter whether you're in the front row or at the back because there's nothing to see! Their listeners certainly don't see them when they tune in on Monday mornings. I was intrigued to see how the evening would play out in comparison to other in-person events I'd been to.

I must say that I was extremely impressed with the overall running of the recording. The hosts obviously weren't novices to the world of podcasting as they held the balance between letting the conversation flow organically like a chat between good friends and also keeping on theme in a slick professional manner. What seemed like no work at all was, in fact, the outstanding creation of two articulate and business-savvy women who were running a high-quality production behind the scenes- bravo! The podcast is clearly aimed at the everyday millennial woman navigating this wonderful thing we call life. The majority of the audience revelled in the references to Marie Kondo-ing your Instagram for the sake of your mental health and looking to Brene Brown for advice on the courage of vulnerability. Side note: Being a 95' baby, I am in the void. Some argue that I am at the forefront of GenZ while others are adamant that I am, in fact, an avocado + takeout coffee, why save for a house? millenial lady. If I'm being honest, I don't lose sleep over which camp I'm part of as both have their positives and negatives... Ok Boomer.

Anyway back to the review...

The podcast was sectioned into five main talking points: morning routine, 'live it' list (tips and takeaways for listeners), pulp fiction (myth-busting on resilience), quote o'clock and pep to the people (agony aunt to the audience). Here we indulged in a vulnerable discussion surrounding resilience with several moments of laughter, hope and understanding. One of the main talking points was how there isn't a framework to being resilient, it is your programmed social and emotional response to something. Many heavy themes were brought up including family loss, mental health, chronic illness and the knock-on effects of under-representation in mainstream narratives. Despite this, all four ladies were exceptionally comical keeping a complex topic relatively lighthearted and relatable to many women. I really really loved the advice of creating a celebratory list of big/small things you had achieved to get you through the bad days. It's important to push yourself because future you will ever-so grateful. Self-love over self-sabotage always.

Furthermore, there is no denying that the hosts personalities shone through the recording. Meg was loud, chatty and filled the silence with an iconic laugh. Tara, on the other hand, was so deep and hilarious with her answers. This was a winning combo for me. The event ended with a Q&A with the audience. Seemingly shy, the OB team had also called upon fans via social media to discuss the table topic which provided the perfect close to an evening. The questions were thoroughly answered creating a reflective, guided and worry-squashed vibe, peppered with claps and cheers from the audience.

What made this such a great event to attend was how laid back one could be, not worrying about missing a single detail about who recommended which podcast and the spelling of that interesting TedTalk mentioned. I am a self-professed note-taker so usually I'd lap that sh*t up however, for once I just went with the flow (and took notes later once the recording was released). That is the beauty of podcasting! If you are a big fan of seeking out advice for your self-improvement while also enjoying attending jam-packed events, I would highly recommend that you turn to podcast-recording events. In one sense, it's the ideal breathing space for an introvert wanting to push their boundaries without feeling the dread of asking "wait... what was the name of that book?"

Afterwards, my friend and I slipped away on our own separate routes home across London. The twinkling premature Christmas lights of Oxford Street lit our path as we slipped into the darkness of the underground.

P.S. If you're intrigued to find out more about the discussion, click here! to listen to the entire recording.

Food for thought

Watching these four bright women, all at different intersects of life, interact and engage with one another got me thinking about how others see myself and my social circle when they see us all together discussing, gossiping, having a good time or ranting (usually over several bottles on vino blanco).

What is it that I or you want to leave on this earth as a lil reminder to those around you about what you did with your life years? You don’t have to be the next Nobel prize winner nor superwoman but surely, we all need to work on how we impact other people’s lives.

This concept of being resilient to whatever life throws at you should also make you mindful of how your resilience translates into how you navigate the world. Life doesn’t have to be difficult (although there are plenty of societal barriers which will try to hold you back- yes, I'm talking about the patriarchy, baby) and even if it feels like it is right now, just know that you can still make a difference.

P.S. If you're feeling low about the effects of COVID-19, click here! for resources to help "build resilience and find some calm amidst the chaos".

Rating: 7.5/10

Would I recommend this?

If you haven’t seen a live recording of a podcast- do it! It gives you a buzz, making you feel as though you’re part of something bigger. It also offers insight into the making of a successful podcast if you’re thinking of setting up your own. However, if you’re a fidgeter, a giggler or have a small bladder (remember they were complimentary GnTs), this might not be the event for you because what’s said on air, stays on air!

I would definitely recommend following Oliver Bonas on Eventbrite because they consistently put on a fantastic variety of first-class feminist events across the UK. This is, of course, where I found my own inspiration to start this wee blog having attended another one of their events. Secondly, I’d recommend that you listen to The Slice’s other recordings, especially this one and this one. They do just what they say on the tin so it’s worthwhile spending half an hour of your day tuning into some Monday morning motivation.

All in all, a success and a lovely introduction to the world of podcasting.

Love Poppy x


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